About GollyGoose

The rapid increase of the presence of Good News in recent years, is predominantly noticeable across multiple media platforms.  The advancements in technology have gifted us with instant communication, and as a result, we are now exposed to more positive content than ever before. Even though the traditional fear & drama based news outlets still have a lead in the game, there is a growing fundamental shift in the minds of many towards uplifting, empowering news.  More than a handful of websites around the world have been mustering up positive uplifting stories with one main goal: to bring about a positive mindset and evoke compassionate feelings in fellow humans.

Here at GollyGoose, our goal is the same but, there is more…


Our team developed a unique feature – The Compassion Gauge Tool.  Its function is to offer our visitors the option to measure the level of compassion of each subject presented.  The objective is simple: to gauge uplifting stories and see how we all feel about them.  As more participants gauge a story, the more we learn how effective it is in evoking a state of compassion.

The process of detecting levels of human consciousness is not new; it has been around for a few years now.  Thanks to a group of leading scientists at Princeton, The Global Consciousness Project was created, it was first put into action in December of 1996. The accumulated data throughout the years contributed greatly to our understanding of how human consciousness is interconnected on a global scale.

The Compassion Gauge Tool was designed with similar objectives in mind and with the added introduction of the scaling standard:

Our Goals

  1. Provide a user-friendly method for visitors to enable the Tool’s technology for each news and story.
  2. Measure the state-of-compassion each user is feeling towards the subject presented.
  3. Deliver a gauge level on the scale from one (1) to ten (10). Ten being the most compassionate level.


By delivering results based on a scale from 1 to 10, we help define levels of compassion. The Compassion Gauge Tool automatically detects the level of compassion in each submission and applies it to a pool of data that essentially produces a scale in relation to the number of submissions.

Here are the ten levels starting with a “zero” then one (1) through ten (10).

Every post starts at “zero” and once enough submissions have been accumulated it will potentially progress higher.

I want to participate, what do I need to do?

It is very simple, pick one of the stories we have on GollyGoose and when you finish reading or viewing its contents, press the “Vote” button placed at the bottom of the post.

That’s it.

The rest is being taken care of by our Compassion Detection System.

At each post you can “Vote” once, so make it count.

For more accurate results we ask that you place your “Vote” submission promptly, do not wait for a later time unless you plan on viewing/reading the entire story again.


The “Compassion Gauge Tool” is solely used on our website. The technology is exclusive to GollyGoose.com and its proprietor.  Future plans to have our tool on other websites, phones etc – are in the works. For any questions and/or inquiries, please contact us here> 

Our Mission

  • Set a new interactive experience standard between GollyGoose users and the uplifting world news.
  • Increase reader awareness regarding the global importance of compassion and a positive mindset in our world society.
  • Continued development of The Compassion Gauge Tool and its variation possibilities. Ultimately offer it as a service to those who seek to incorporate its value in their organization.

GollyGoose Values

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Compassion